From a Young G’s perspective

QUANTIC Y CONJUNTO | “dre en cumbia”

You know, and I know
I flow some old funky shit

You know I had to right?! I will always remember to not forget this. Currently drowning in nostalgia in the middle of London’s cold, cruel and callous climate. I call it cruel and callous because it has made people so grumpy. The vibe here is dormant, so I’ll continue to remember and drown in my dreams.

LEON HAYWOOD | “i wanta do something freaky to you”

That horny guy on a Monday morning

OVERDOZ. | “monday morning”

So I’m back in London. It’s been over a week, and things have started to sink in. Everything. Everything is everywhere and I feel like I don’t have any control. I’ve been California dreaming for a while and so decided to scan some pictures I took on my Minolta last year when I moved there for some time, wow that sounds so long ago!  I was happily scanning pictures I developed back in LA, and then I glanced at the clock, it’s 3:30AM. It’s Monday morning again! My mum is going to wake me up in 3 hours to put a french braid in her hair, I know right?! I’ve got to unpack my stuff and give clothes to charity, and then go to uni for one bloodclart lecture. I hope Monday gives me clarity and strength, Lord knows I need it…


So I posted this picture because it makes me chortle. This is the horny man. As you can see, he has stuck horns on his forehead. I took this on Venice Beach on labor day weekend of last year. To many people, this guy may seem weird or strange but I think he’s super special. I remember talking to him briefly and he revealed his age, which surprised me because I think he looked good for his age. He approached all people who’s eyesight crossed his. My friends thought he was weird but I didn’t. He made me laugh so hard. I look at this picture and it reminds me just how special he is. Whenever I see this picture, it has the power of making me laugh with tears and I begin to reminisce over Venice Beach and how fascinating she can be. And I love Venice Beach for giving me this horny man.


These pictures are 4 of 400+

(((and I’m talking 400 analogue-made pictures that haven’t been scanned so)))

…bear with me


I’ll also start making compilations bi-monthly?! We’ll see 🙂