My hometown, Tottenham


“the human voice is the organ of the soul.” –


I feel like I have to have a voice. But I feel like we all do. We are the youth. Not just I & not just you. Now what would Bernie Grant do? Always and in all ways give credit where it is due.

I’ve been back almost 2 weeks, and I don’t know if things are changing or simply going backwards. I really couldn’t say. I’m happy I stumbled across this video about my hometown by a brother from my hometown. It shows me that someone cares. Thanks to Gatez for showing me this 🙂

Peace to Jahlani for this, x

That horny guy on a Monday morning

OVERDOZ. | “monday morning”

So I’m back in London. It’s been over a week, and things have started to sink in. Everything. Everything is everywhere and I feel like I don’t have any control. I’ve been California dreaming for a while and so decided to scan some pictures I took on my Minolta last year when I moved there for some time, wow that sounds so long ago!  I was happily scanning pictures I developed back in LA, and then I glanced at the clock, it’s 3:30AM. It’s Monday morning again! My mum is going to wake me up in 3 hours to put a french braid in her hair, I know right?! I’ve got to unpack my stuff and give clothes to charity, and then go to uni for one bloodclart lecture. I hope Monday gives me clarity and strength, Lord knows I need it…


So I posted this picture because it makes me chortle. This is the horny man. As you can see, he has stuck horns on his forehead. I took this on Venice Beach on labor day weekend of last year. To many people, this guy may seem weird or strange but I think he’s super special. I remember talking to him briefly and he revealed his age, which surprised me because I think he looked good for his age. He approached all people who’s eyesight crossed his. My friends thought he was weird but I didn’t. He made me laugh so hard. I look at this picture and it reminds me just how special he is. Whenever I see this picture, it has the power of making me laugh with tears and I begin to reminisce over Venice Beach and how fascinating she can be. And I love Venice Beach for giving me this horny man.


These pictures are 4 of 400+

(((and I’m talking 400 analogue-made pictures that haven’t been scanned so)))

…bear with me


I’ll also start making compilations bi-monthly?! We’ll see 🙂



My mother, the rapper

I usually have crazy dreams when I am sick. I’m not sick tho. Or maybe I’m sick of not doing anything productive? But it was a sick dream. (well, kinda!) I don’t want to go too much into it, but there were many skits in this dream…there were american accents everywhere, staircases, deserts, gas stations, people, and a whole load of other things..

Two stood out, and I think they both took place in America. But in one, my mother was replying to me in rap. It was weird because I don’t think she listens to hip-hop. She doesn’t mind listening to it on the radio, but I know she doesn’t pay attention or even cares to memorise what they are rapping about. She really shocked me. She was talking about black pride and teaching me about history. And then I remember saying “wooooiiii, maa, where’s all this coming from?”

….and do you know what she said? Or should I say RAPPED?

“That’s that crack music Eva

That real black music Evaaaa…”

hahaha, and my reply was lalalalalalalalaaaaa

by Kanye West & the Game