From a Young G’s perspective

QUANTIC Y CONJUNTO | “dre en cumbia”

You know, and I know
I flow some old funky shit

You know I had to right?! I will always remember to not forget this. Currently drowning in nostalgia in the middle of London’s cold, cruel and callous climate. I call it cruel and callous because it has made people so grumpy. The vibe here is dormant, so I’ll continue to remember and drown in my dreams.

LEON HAYWOOD | “i wanta do something freaky to you”

My hometown, Tottenham


“the human voice is the organ of the soul.” –


I feel like I have to have a voice. But I feel like we all do. We are the youth. Not just I & not just you. Now what would Bernie Grant do? Always and in all ways give credit where it is due.

I’ve been back almost 2 weeks, and I don’t know if things are changing or simply going backwards. I really couldn’t say. I’m happy I stumbled across this video about my hometown by a brother from my hometown. It shows me that someone cares. Thanks to Gatez for showing me this 🙂

Peace to Jahlani for this, x