An ode to New York 2011

So yesterday’s blog piece really made me reminisce about New York. It is such a brutally honest place for me. I have a completely real and different experience each and every time. And it teaches me. I feel like I understand myself a little more when I’m there.

I did create this montage a while back


Before embarking on another journey back to New York, now as a 20-something year old, I look back at my old New York videos. It’s been a while.

I was at a strange age. The age between a teenager and a young adult. Back in 2009, you could find me in the most unusual spaces. But there would always be an interesting story that would lead me there. My first time in a different city by myself. My first time travelling by myself.

New York 2011, I knew so much more. A little wiser and I knew many more people. I did many more things, and learnt so much about myself and those around me. But I was still in between ages and spaces.

I was originally at a friend’s 19th birthday party, and then ended up at a soirée with Juilliard musicians in the next building. Two different ages, and two different spaces. I could never forget the kindness and laughter from both places. Almost interchangeable. This is why I love New York.