My mother, the rapper

I usually have crazy dreams when I am sick. I’m not sick tho. Or maybe I’m sick of not doing anything productive? But it was a sick dream. (well, kinda!) I don’t want to go too much into it, but there were many skits in this dream…there were american accents everywhere, staircases, deserts, gas stations, people, and a whole load of other things..

Two stood out, and I think they both took place in America. But in one, my mother was replying to me in rap. It was weird because I don’t think she listens to hip-hop. She doesn’t mind listening to it on the radio, but I know she doesn’t pay attention or even cares to memorise what they are rapping about. She really shocked me. She was talking about black pride and teaching me about history. And then I remember saying “wooooiiii, maa, where’s all this coming from?”

….and do you know what she said? Or should I say RAPPED?

“That’s that crack music Eva

That real black music Evaaaa…”

hahaha, and my reply was lalalalalalalalaaaaa

by Kanye West & the Game

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